100 Ladybugs for Rachel Carson

Children of Episcopal Church in Everett, Massachusetts released 100 ladybugs in tribute to Rachel Carson, one for each year since the pioneering environmentalist’s birth in 1907, as part of the ceremony of blessing for their churchyard garden.

“To our knowledge, this is the first church in the country to honor Ms. Carson in this way,” said Rev. Barbara Smith-Moran, priest-in-residence.

An American marine biologist and nature writer who died in 1964, Ms. Carson’s books are often credited with launching the global environmental movement.

When Ms. Smith-Moran preached a sermon in the spring about prophets, using Ms. Carson as an example from recent times, parishioners who had contributed plants and effort over the years decided to call their labour of love “Rachel’s Garden,” now a serene spot inviting meditation.

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