What did 160 million people search for on Bible Gateway in 2015?

Christianity Today published a roundup and some analysis of search terms used on Bible Gateway, the original multi-lingual website for Bible verses. John 3:16 was the most popular individual verse, but other less obvious search terms were popular, seemingly influenced by news and current events–including ‘blood moon’.

From the article:

On February 16, one day after ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christians in Libya, “beheaded” was the fourth most-searched term on Bible Gateway. The weekend after the US Supreme Court’s same-sex-marriage decision in June, searches for “homosexuality,” “abomination,” and “Sodom and Gomorrah” spiked. (So did “rainbow.”) And in September, on the day of the total lunar eclipse, the No. 1 search was for “blood moon.”

Christianity Today also reports that many users seem to have read the entire Bible–or specific portions–in 2015. You can learn more in their article and in the blog on Bible Gateway.

Do you use online resources for the Bible? Are you going to make any New Year’s resolutions involving reading the Bible?

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