Year: 2007

Make peace for everyone

Thirteen senior Christian leaders in the region – representing the Eastern, Catholic, Anglican and Protestant traditions – have written a letter that calls on Christians

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Who is behind GAFCON?

More news is emerging about the backers of the Global Anglican Future meeting planned to be held prior to Lambeth 2008. As reported by The Lead December 29, Dr. Michael Poon, a respected voice of the Global Anglican South leadership, publicly questioned the organization, communication and purposes of the meeting. Now he has responded to a letter from a “leading primate” which rebuked Dr. Poon for asking the questions publicly.

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Not much time left

Something about this time of year makes us resolve to do all manner of things better. Almost all our good intentions will be history in a week or two. But there is also that other aspect of this time of year, the part that taps us on the shoulder and whispers that our lives are speeding away, faster and faster, evaporating as we speak.

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A varied liturgical portfolio

By Margret Hjalmarson At St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Reston, Va., we are pretty proud of being a welcoming, inclusive community. To that end, we’ve

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Faith on the campaign trail

Presidential candidates of both parties this year are talking much more about their faith than in previous years. Is this good for the country? And does it even help the candidates? The Christian Science Monitor talks to analysts who say that it is not doing much good for anybody.

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New Gallup poll on faith in America

Gallup released the results of a poll on faith in America done earlier this month, and has a useful analysis of the importance of faith in the United States over the last few decades.

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Reconsidering Dante’s Paradiso

Dante’s Paradiso is the least read and least admired part of his Divine Comedy. The Inferno’s nine circles of extravagant tortures have long captured the popular imagination, while Purgatorio is often the connoisseur’s choice. But as Robert Hollander writes in his new edition of the Paradiso, “One finds few who will claim (or admit) that it is their favorite cantica.” (A cantica, or canticle, is one of the three titled parts of the poem.) The time is ripe to reconsider Paradiso’s neglect, however, since three major new translations of the poem we know as the Divine Comedy are coming to completion.

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God of good news

God of good news,

today you begin again to reshape our lives and communities.

You do not start from the outside, but from within.

You begin in the hidden place.

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