Day: February 12, 2007

Hero’s sendoff

Steve Waring has the story of Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori’s Absalom Jones Day visit to St. Thomas’ in Philadelphia at the Living Church. Also

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Wisdom and support

The former from Tobias, whose latest sermon includes this: One of the reasons I am an Anglican, an Episcopalian, is because Anglicans say, right up

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The Politics of 24

The show is a sometimes guilty pleasure for me. Jane Mayer examines the politics of the men behind Jack Bauer in The New Yorker, with

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Jake’s take

I have been waiting for Father Jake to weigh in on the meeting in Tanzania. He doesn’t disappoint.

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Our new Presiding Bishop and the new president of our House of Deputies seem to have a gift for retail politics. Both are devoting themselves

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The ring of steel

The atmosphere in Dar es Salaam is getting a little testy, writes Jonathan Petre. Meanwhile, Nick Knisely makes a point over at Entangled States that

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