Day: March 7, 2007

The Bishop of Western Louisiana

Bishop Bruce MacPherson’s presentation to the Primates in Tanzania is now available at Stand Firm. As Simon Sarmiento, Mark Harris and Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh

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The bishop of Vermont

Bishop Thomas Ely writes of the Primates’ recommendations: In my judgment, these requests invite the House of Bishops to declare that, for the sake of

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A troublesome bishop

No, not Gene Robinson. The Anglican Communion News Service provides this profoundly peculiar statement from Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop Bernard Malango

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Podcasts for Lent. Check it out. This page on what Episcopalians believe, from the campus minister at Georgia Southern University, is also worth a look.

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Waiting on word from Nigeria

Mark Harris reports on the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church’s discussion of Nigerian legislation that would legalized human rights violations. There is no word

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