Day: April 23, 2007

Leaven in the lump

“Illiberal winds are blowing pernicious policy and polity changes our way.” the Rev. Canon Marilyn McCord Adams, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford University says. “Illiberal winds are blowing pernicious policy and polity changes our way. The Communiqué from the Tanzanian Primates’ meeting brought the intentions of those who dictated its content more fully out of the closet.”

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Letter to Lambeth

A group of Episcopal rectors and cathedral deans, fresh from a retreat in Canterbury has written to Archbishop Rowan Williams asking him to “continue our

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The faithful are restless, a new study of Protestant churchgoers suggests. They’re switching from church to church, powered by a mix of dissatisfaction and yearning,

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Baptizing technology

I’ve been fascinated for years by technology and the way humanity uses it to solve problems. So not surprisingly, when I became a priest in the Episcopal Church, I found myself wondering a lot about how the Church and its mission are being molded by our changing technology.

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Transfiguring energy

In the common way of looking at things heaven is a place you go after you die (if you’ve been good). And I suppose that

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