Day: April 26, 2007

Covenant Study Guide Help

Mark Harris and Marshall Scott have published helpful guides and reflections on a Study Guide on the Report of the Covenant Design Group and the

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Lambeth 2008: Not a Parliamentary Debating Chamber

The Lambeth Conference in 2008 will be different: it will not resemble a parliamentary debating chamber with a string of resolutions but aim to provide time and space for spiritual reflection, learning, sharing and discerning.

Amongst the topics it will address are the: Millennium Development Goals, HIV/Aids, Ethical/Green living, Anglican identity and covenant, The Listening Process and relationships with people of other Faiths.

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African Anglican poisoned

Relatives of Canon Rodney Hunter, 73, believe that his food was contaminated by supporters of the Rev. Nicholas Henderson in a battle between the liberal and conservative wings of the Anglican Church.

Canon Hunter was an outspoken critic of plans to appoint the liberal Mr Henderson as Bishop of Lake Malawi. The Province of Central Africa is at the heart of conservative evangelical opposition to the liberal Anglican outlook in the West on homosexuality.

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Jesus’ family values

Modern families are being transformed: since 2005, statistics show that more women in America live by themselves and married couples now are in a minority. Our daughters, nieces and grandchildren are growing up into a world where being single will be normal at least for longer periods of time.

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Last hours

We spent the afternoon like that, the three of us. Vincent and I changed places at [my mother’s] bedside. We sponged her mouth. I watched

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