Day: April 30, 2007

Seven Windsor bishops write Williams

The “Steering Committee of the Windsor Bishops” has written to the Archbishop of Canterbury affirming its support of the Windsor Report, according to a report published in Living Church.

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A little housekeeping

One of these days, you are going to be able to leave a comment on the various blogs that compose the Episcopal Cafe. But that

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What We Have in Common

What can Episcopalians who have taken sides in our current conflict actually agree on theologically? An Episcopal seminarian and blogger has invited other Episcopalians to

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Acceptable liturgy

There’s a new show on VH1. It’s called Acceptable.TV. Have you seen it? If not, the premise is this—each week the show presents five allegedly comedic sketches. When the show is over, fans go to the website and vote for their favorites. The top two “pilots” are “renewed” for the next week

and receive new episodes.

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One in seven

“Births, deaths and marriages. They’re the only events that get most people in the UK through church doors these days and even that is too

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More than assent

It is essential to remember that for a Christian “the word of the Cross” is nothing theoretical, but a stark and existential union with Christ in his death in order to share in his resurrection. To fully “hear” and “receive” the word of the Cross means much more than simple assent to the dogmatic propositions that Christ died for our sins.

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