Day: May 9, 2007

Duncan loses in court

The judge in Allegheny County ruled against Bishop Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh, May 8, in the matter of Calvary Episcopal Church vs. Duncan et al.

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Immigration and Churches

Entering into a controversial political arena, some evangelical Christian leaders are beginning to paricipate in calls for immigration reform which has been a long time

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A tale of three churches

The two Episcopal churches Bristol, Connecticut are headed down different roads. One, Trinity Church on Summer Street, is among five parishes at odds with Bishop Andrew E. Smith. The other, St. John’s Church on Stafford Avenue, less than 3 miles from Trinity, once was in that group but, since its rector left and was then deposed by Smith, is again on good terms with the bishop and an active member of the diocese. Trinity’s stance in opposition to the bishop will be made all the more stark Saturday, when Deacon William Hesse is ordained a priest at Bishop Seabury Church in Groton by a conservative bishop from Pittsburgh.

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My Lord, my stockman

A linguist who worked on the Aboriginal Bible translation, said the phrase “to love God with all one’s heart” was a special challenge. He said: “The Aboriginal people use a different part of the body to express emotions. They have a word that is, broadly translated, ‘insides’. So to love God with all your heart was to want God with all your insides.”

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Sisk speaks on Akinola’s “bold claim”

Akinola’s action “seems to lay out a claim that he has a better sense than the Archbishop of Canterbury, and that’s a bold claim,” said Mark Sisk, the Episcopal Bishop of New York. Last week’s events are more than just another tremor on an existing fault line, Sisk said in an interview, and what may be very significant is that the Archbishop of Canterbury tried to stop Akinola. His is “a new public voice in this and welcome from my prospective,” Sisk said.

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Untapped power

For years now, the bishops of the Anglican Communion Network and their various allies have avoided celebrating the Eucharist with fellow Episcopalians at our Church’s General Convention and other venues. They are smart! As Christians, they know more than most the power of the sacraments to transform us,

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Panel of Reference Issues Review

The Panel of Reference has always had a very limited primary brief – “to

supervise the adequacy of pastoral provisions made by any churches” for a dissenting

group within its diocesan or provincial life. The Panel has now been operating for close to two years. It has received five references, of which three have remained within the Panel’s brief, and two were recalled by the Archbishop. All three reports have been published, and it has no further references from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Mother bird

The cell was a sacred space, a place in which a woman could be with herself and the divine Presence and listen. The cell was a place of divine encounter and of ongoing, daily experience of being immersed in God’s presence.

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