Day: May 11, 2007

Show me the way

Stan Sheldon played on the 1976 iconic “Frampton Comes Alive!” So why would he spend his Sunday mornings playing for about three dozen people at a contemporary service at St. Margaret’s in Lawrence? Melodie Woerman of the Diocese of Kansas knows.

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Suit filed in Colorado Springs

The Diocese of Colorado has taken legal action to regain control of the property of the parish of Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. The vestry of the parish recently decided to follow their priest, The Rev. Don Armstrong and leave the Episcopal Church to become affiliated with CANA

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Phyllis Tickle kicks off Cathedral conference

Is it possible to envision a new direction for the church in the 21st century? Perhaps even a reformation? Author, editor, and Episcopal laywoman Phyllis Tickle answered both questions with a resounding yes in her opening plenary address at this conference yesterday.

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Ndungane questions course of Communion

The Primate of South Africa has speaking at a forum on Tuesday, has spoken critically of the the direction of the Anglican Communion and shared his questions about the value of various solutions to “fix” its problems.

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The Lord Loveth a Cheerful…

During my time in and around churches I’ve noticed two general strategies when it comes to stewardship time. The first strategy is outright begging. The clergy and vestry make a pitch for money to keep the lights on, the building heated, and to generally keep the place running. The main motivator here seems to be guilt.

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Thin places

Can we say it is God’s home? I prefer to perceive it “through a glass darkly” as what I might call God’s holiest of holies. What is my connection, if any, to heaven? I’ve seen glimpses of it only by eyes of faith. I’ve felt the presence—never in a merely logical way—in thin places

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