Day: May 12, 2007

Faith groups pursue federal “earmarks”

A New York Times analysis shows that the number of earmarks for religious organizations have increased sharply in recent years. From 1989 to January 2007, Congress approved almost 900 earmarks for religious groups, totaling more than $318 million. The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations finds the trend troubling.

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New bishop for Seattle

The Rev. Dr. Gregory Rickel was elected today to be the next bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia in western Washington. Rickel, 43, rector

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Dean Sam Lloyd:
practice reconciliation

Can human beings live with a healing spirit that makes room for the “outsider” in our midst? Dean Samuel T. Lloyd pointed to Jesus’ acts of inclusion and ministry of reconciliation as models for a world “crying out for the spirit of healing, where there is room for the stranger, and plenty of room at the banquet table.”

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Mother love

Some of our mothers taught us what it was like to be loved. Some others of us grew up with mothers who couldn’t really teach us much about love, because they’d never really learned themselves. We tend to idealize mothers as the perfect dispensers of love.

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