Day: May 26, 2007

On Message

In his sermon, the Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander, Bishop of Atlanta, urged Bishop Johnston to “wear us out! Wear us out with the promise of the resurrection!” “It was a delight to see 30 bishops of the Church gather to celebrate, and an utter delight to hear Fodor perform” Bach’s Ciaccona, Bishop Jefferts Schori said. “The music and the preaching were all right on target,” Bishop Gibbs said. “It’s all about resurrection. We finally got back on message. Thanks be to God!”

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Nigerian activist begins U. S. tour

Since founding Changing Attitude-Nigeria, Davis Mac-Iyalla has been fired from his job as a school principal, suffered ostracism from family and friends, been arrested, threatened with kidnapping and death, and denied communion, according to media releases about his visit to the U.S. Prior to publicly declaring his homosexuality, he was an active and deeply involved member of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, was accorded the honor of “knight” of the church and was a lay reader, according to one of media releases.

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Why you are like a turtle

That turtle will stop right where it got on and block the path of potential oncoming turtles. Now, I don’t think these turtles are being mean. I think they just don’t think – they just don’t see that they are preventing other turtles from having a place on the log. “I made it on here just fine,” they might muse, “so I don’t see why others aren’t here with me. What’s their problem?”

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A different kind of Lambeth

The design for Lambeth 2008 “is not driven by production of reports and enabling resolutions building out of the reports, and that’s a significant departure from previous designs,” the Rev. Dr. Ian T. Douglas, a member of the Lambeth Design group. “The focus here is on transformation, the building of communion and the engagement with each other, the goal of which is to equip the bishops to be more effective and faithful servants to the ‘Missio Dei’ [God’s mission].”

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I’ve recently become fascinated with home improvement shows on HGTV, especially those that talk about fixing up a place on the cheap. Just imagine what they could do for the vestry on a budget—new classy storage solutions for those nametags, stylish literature holders made from magazine holders spray-painted to resemble stained glass, and let’s not forget the crown moulding chair rail with the two-tone paint job in the narthex.

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of Canterbury

The second question of Augustine: Since we hold the same Faith, why do customs vary in different Churches? Why, for instance, does the method of saying Mass differ in the holy Roman Church and in the Churches of Gaul?

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