Day: June 12, 2007

Breakaway? (updated)

The Telegraph is reporting: A powerful coalition of conservative Anglican leaders is preparing to create a parallel Church for conservatives in America.

According to sources, at least six primates are planning the consecration of a prominent American cleric as a bishop to minister to Americans who have rejected their liberal bishops over the issue of homosexuality.

The article is written by the usually reliable Jonathan Petre.

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Executive Council tours 815

Episcopal Life Online reports on the second day of the Executive Council meeting, which they spent touring the newly renovated Church Center at 815 Second

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Division among the apostles

In her lectionary blog, Dylan Breuer poses the following question: “If Peter and Paul can disagree passionately about something that Paul and perhaps even both of them thought was about the very “truth of the gospel,” and if we can celebrate them both as apostles of Christ and heroes of the faith, why does it seem to happen so often in our churches today that any serious disagreement about an important matter of faith becomes an occasion to condemn one party as not only completely wrong, but outside the bounds of Christianity itself?”

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Becoming ONE

Coverage in the major media today on the launch of ONE Vote ’08 focuses on politicians reaching across the aisle and Bono’s increasing influence on

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Embracing poverty

Voluntary and involuntary poverty are interconnected. On the one hand, true “liberation” is found by voluntarily renouncing the things of this world, by accepting real suffering and utter dependence on God. For instance, Christians have often chosen to give up their possessions and to embrace poverty as a path to spiritual intimacy.

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Anglican Equilibrium

Four years ago, even one year ago, did you ever think we would hear these words?

“We are facing something that we never thought we would face. We thought we would prevail. We thought that what we believed and what the majority of the Communion believed would be provided for.”

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