Day: June 18, 2007

Covenant for Creation

The Episcopal Church will launch a multifaith campaign on climate change. Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori will invite Christians, Jews and Muslims to commit to reducing the carbon footprint of churches, temples and mosques by 50 % by 2015.

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MDG Sunday is July 8th

July 8th is the midway point in the United Nations’ campaign to reduce extreme poverty in the world by 2015 through the Millennium Development Goals.

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Red Meat

Deviancy! Immorality! Racism! If you read enough of the papers—not to mention the bloggers– this is what one might think the Episcopal Church stands for.

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Mud season

The example of Jesus, and the experience of mud season, remind me of a harsher truth: to be reborn, we first must die. The way to Jerusalem lies through mud. Dying, like mud, can take many forms, but every death, in the sense I mean, is a letting go. We let go of ambition, of pride, of ego.

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Looking the Other Way

Here are three names to remember: Genarlow Wilson, Stepha Henry, and Edith Isabel Rodriguez. Each of these names has been in the news recently. Each tells a different story but with a very familiar theme. I invite us to remember them now because each name will probably disappear soon as other stories emerge with other names.

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