Day: June 21, 2007

Two voices: Minns and Schori featured on Interfaith Radio

Maureen Fiedler looks at both sides of the “contentious issues involved in the struggle within the Episcopal Church” in the latest episode of Interfaith Voices, an independent public radio program. In two separate segments, she speaks to Bishop Martyn Minns and Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori.

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No exit

“Even if the Anglican Church of Canada votes on Saturday to approve same-sex blessings, the spokesman for the world’s top Anglican says the Canadian denomination

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Gracious Magnanimity

A new world would arise in Society and in the Church if all of us ceased to base our actions purely on law and legal rights and prayed to God to give us gracious-magnanimity….

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Aid and comfort

If you are a regular visitor to this blog, or became familiar with the Daily Reading on its previous home, the Web site of the

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Speak out of love

I have on my office door these words from an accomplished Indian yogi: “Before speaking, consider whether it is an improvement upon silence.” The man who wrote them once went nineteen years without speaking, setting a standard I can’t hope to meet. Yet his words remind me that when we do speak, we must speak truth.

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Intervening in the lives of goats

We hadn’t gone far before we heard the insistent, unmistakable bleat of goats. We walked toward the sound and looked over a precipitous edge. Twenty feet below three goats – two grownups and a kid – balanced on a narrow ledge. Bleating, panting and standing amid clumps of goat poop, these were not happy goats.

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