Day: June 23, 2007

Same Sex Blessings not core doctrine

That this General Synod accept the conclusion of the Primate’s Theological Commission’s St. Michael Report that the blessing of same-sex unions is a matter of doctrine, but is not core doctrine in the sense of being credal, and that it should not be a communion-breaking issue.

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Global Voices Online

The world may be flat, as Thomas Friedman, argues, but much of the infomation we receive is filtered through a corporatized media, hierarchical institutions, and politically movitaved interest groups. Americans receive little information about other countries directly from the people who live there. But that is changing

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Having enough fun?

Experts agree, Ann Hurlbut writes, “that the loss of natural play opportunities in an urbanized world of smaller families and a ‘push-button civilization’ meant that play, alas, could no longer be left to kids. Read her article and on online discussion about the state of (child’s) play.

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The Fourth Commandment

There is no Sabbath any longer for so many Christians and Christian families. This is not about taking vacations. This is about taking time for rest, for stopping, for day dreaming, for worshipping God. It’s about taking time for silence and for listening to God.

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Living at the edge

This experience of living at the edge is not so extraordinary as it may sound. We have all had it. Perhaps you have sat with someone who was near death, and found yourself drawn into her inner radiance, into a place where pain and fear give way before a lucid awareness of the nearness of life’s source.

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