Day: June 28, 2007

Summer reading, chapter two: the EDS list

All year round, Episcopal Divinity School faculty get a lot requests to make book recommendations, according to the Rev. Dr. Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook, academic dean at EDS. This year’s summer reading list includes books on the Millennium Development Goals, reconciliation, the Anglican Communion, classism, racism, sexism, and more.

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Bishop Barbara Harris honored

The first woman to be consecrated a bishop in the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion, the Rt. Rev. Barbara Harris, was present to bless two stained glass window panels, one honoring her and the other honoring The Rev. Absalom Jones.

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A Robinson invite?

It’s beginning to look like Bishop Gene Robinson may well get an invite to Lambeth after all, albeit as a “voice” rather than a “vote,” according to Ruth Gledhill. She also asserts that Bishop Martyn Minns will not. Take at the letter she was sent that leads her to this conclusion.

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Everything old is new again

The Tridentine Mass, the older form of the Catholic liturgy, has been experiencing a revival among traditionalists. Today, the New York Times reports, Pope Benedict XIV has given authorization for priests to use the traditional rite if they wish to do so.

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Former ex-gay ministry leaders apologize

They once were important leaders in Exodus, a prominent ex-gay ministry movement. But yesterday, these three individuals publicly apologized “for the harm they said their efforts had caused many gays and lesbians who believed the group’s message that sexual orientation could be changed through prayer.”

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The church’s book

The awareness of the communal nature of exegesis was particularly highlighted in the early church’s encounter with the Gnostics, hermeneutical lone rangers who claimed to have received in secret both revelation and interpretive insight. Irenaeus, the Gnostics’ great opponent, rejected the possibility of secret revelation and interpretation because the meaning of Jesus and the

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Christian burial

A couple of weeks ago, Ruth Graham, wife of evangelist Billy Graham, died after a long illness. As an admirer of Billy Graham, I was sad that his wife had passed away, but I will confess that one of the first questions that came into my head when I heard the news was “where will she be buried?”

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