Day: July 2, 2007

Casting the net on the net

The Church’s presence on the internet is varied and growing. Church-on-the-net is a new internet church site that targets people who not in the Church

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The politics of moral purpose

Gordon Brown is the third Prime Minister in a row in Great Britain to “do God.” The son of a Church of Scotland minister, he says he will bring “competence and serious moral purpose” to government.

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God did it, but, honest, he didn’t mean it.

Some evangelical bishops in the Church of England say that floods there are God’s judgment. One said that the floods are the result of our lack of respect for the planet, and also are a judgment on society’s moral decadence.

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Holy action, holy space

What I most regret about Episcopal worship is a formalized, numbed aesthetic and an Anglophile caricature of Gothic revival. It’s a too-settled, status-quo feeling in liturgy that carries smugness: we say people have to “learn to appreciate it.” It’s sectarian and arrogant, it doesn’t touch people’s lives, and it’s why our Anglophile churches in America are relics.

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Deist influences
in the colonies

Continuing to belong to the Episcopal Church even when at variance with some of its central doctrines did not seem to discomfort the Deistically inclined founders such as Jefferson, for they liked its liturgy and the historic cadences of its language. The Anglican faith of Virginia differed from the New England Puritanism out of which Adams and Franklin emerged.

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