Day: July 4, 2007

Some clerics are Antidisestablishmentarians

Some clerics said that the removal of 10 Downing Street from the process of choosing bishops and deans could further concentrate power in the hands of a few senior prelates. If the church is not established should the polity be one where the laity and clergy have a large voice in the election of bishops and the provincial bishop as in the American model?

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Evangelical Presbyterian Church coping with growth

The church was founded in 1981 after a split with the mainline Presbyterian Church over the denomination’s increasingly liberal direction. The EPC started with just 12 churches. In the years since then, it has grown to include 188 congregations and 75,000 members.

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Religious freedom in Virginia

1930 – Women allowed to vote at parish meetings. 1931 – Constitutional amendment of the diocese restores voice and vote to all resident African-American clergy.

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California property ruling defers to higher court

In Tuesday’s hearing the judge said that before the appellate court’s detailed, 77-page ruling, he had been leaning toward a decision for St. Luke’s but after the appellate ruling, he was obliged to defer to the higher court and its analysis of church property precedents in California and elsewhere.

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Independence Day

In place of the Hebrew God, Deists postulated a distant deity to whom they referred with terms such as “the First Cause,” “the Creator of the Universe,” “the Divine Artist,” “the Divine Author of All Good,” “the Grand Architect,” “the God of Nature,” “Nature’s God,” “Divine Providence,” and (in a phrase used by Benjamin Franklin) “the Author and Owner of our System.”

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