Day: July 12, 2007

Democrats’ “Great Awakening”

From TIME Magazine: The Democrats are so fired up, you could call them the new Moral Majority. This time the emphasis is as much on the majority as on the morality as they try to frame a message in terms of shared values. It’s an article of faith among party leaders that it was strategic stupidity to cede the values debate to Republicans.

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Café’s video blog debuts Monday

Through a partnership with Trinity Church Wall Street, the Episcopal Café will begin offering a weekly video feature produced by Trinity Television and New Media on Monday July 16.

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Third Way Biblical engagement

The contemporary Episcopalian is called to draw upon all the resources of our ancient, global, multicultural and inclusive faith tradition – and that to do so will likely enrich our spiritual engagement with the Word of God so long starved by the Western attitudes of rationalism and modernity.

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Balance and harmony

Balance, proportion, harmony are so central, they so underpin everything else in the Rule, that without them the whole Benedictine approach to the individual and to the community loses its keystone. This is something which speaks to us very immediately in the later twentieth century.

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