Day: July 17, 2007

Our first Presiding Bishop

The 17th is William White’s feast day. The Rev. Timothy B. Safford’s homage to William White shows us that when times required, White could be something other than timid or gentle

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Pod world and youtube

Catching up to the 21st century, Episcopal churches are making videos, podcasting sermons, and otherwise taking the initiative to broadcast the “good news” of life in the church using the internet.

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Stop trying to “save” Africa

There is no African who does not appreciate the help of the wider world, but we do question whether aid is genuine or given in the spirit of affirming one’s cultural superiority.

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Monks and soliders join forces for healing

Monks of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist (SSJE) are joining forces with a member of the Massachusetts National Guard to help men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan find a safe place to heal.

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A word from the edge

After a week of pressing pastoral duties, of reflecting about life on the edge, of death and family, of new life and new hope in the name of the Trinity, I find all the rancor in the Anglican Communion right now suddenly strange and petty. Arguments over bishops elected in faraway places seem to bear little or no relevance to life with Jesus on the ground wherever we find ourselves.

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Guardians of the faith

This [1985] Convention has special significance, for this is the month in which we celebrate the bicentenary of the first General Convention. That small gathering in Philadelphia in September 1785 met when the very survival of Anglicanism was in doubt.

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