Day: July 19, 2007

Reforming the Farm Bill

Despite the advocacy of an unprecedented alliance of faith groups and antipoverty advocates around the country, all signs indicate that calls for farm-bill reform have fallen on deaf ears in the House Agriculture Committee. The cause of reform is now in the hands of the full House, and it will be critical for every member of the House to hear from constituents that the status quo is not good enough.

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Responding to objectification

Fuller Seminary’s Youth Ministry Resource page has an article that discusses what sort of response Youth Ministers might make to a recent study that shows how profoundly a young girl’s internalized decision to see being attractive as more important than being competent can become in their lives.

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The politics of adultery

Senator David Vitter’s (R-LA) association with the woman known as the D. C. Madam has touched off another round of journalistic rumination about whether private

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When the time of death becomes our choice

“The ability of medicine to keep people alive for such long periods of time — despite their best efforts to die — has changed the way people perceive the end of life,” says Susan desJardins, a pediatric cardiologist.

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Why I am an Anglican

For many years, I was a serious Anglophile. I loved being an Episcopalian, because we talked like Thomas Cranmer every single week (at least until the 1979 revision of the Prayer Book). I was obsessed with the Masterpiece Theater series on Henry VIII and Elizabeth I….

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One human family

Among the many important questions which have been brought before the public, there is none that more vitally affects the whole human family than that which is technically called Woman’s Rights….The world waits the coming of some new element, some purifying power, some spirit of mercy and love.

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