Day: July 26, 2007

What a cat can see

You might have heard today about Oscar the Cat, a feline who seems to be aware when nursing home residents are about to fly away to God’s celestial shores. Creepy, or angelic? Dr. David Dosa, writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, leans toward the latter in an essay describing Oscar as he makes his daily rounds.

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Play it again

The Rev. Michael Ruk is one of an apparently growing number of priests that are heading up more than one church. But what’s interesting about this phenomenon is that it is allowing small churches with a community focus to remain open, when consolidation to larger parishes might otherwise be the trend.

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Going green for God

Environmentalism as Christian stewardship is becoming more visible as increasingly, churches are going green. In this article, several Episcopal churches’ green initiatives are profiled.

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After the music ends

When does public awareness about an issue, whether it is civil rights or global warming, reach its crest and spill over into public action? A small group of Episcopalians think they have an answer….

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Mary’s parents

The blessed and glorious ever-virgin Mary, sprung from the royal stock and family of David, born in the city of Nazareth, was brought up at Jerusalem in the temple of the Lord. Her father was named Joachim, and her mother Anna. Her father’s house was from Galilee and the city of Nazareth, but her mother’s family from Bethlehem.

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