Day: July 31, 2007

Listening to Muslims

The Washington Post/Newsweek “On Faith” blog devoted last week to hearing from twenty-two Muslim scholars and leaders from around the world to answer three questions on violence, religious freedom and women’s issues. The editors of the blog, Sally Quinn and Jon Meacham, summarize the resulting dialogue.

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A church for all

Rod Dreher observes troubling class divisions within Christian denominations that traditionally have been attractive to all. He looks for answers, and the issues he raises should be important to the Episcopal Church as well. What are we doing to be the church for all?

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Good sportsmanship

A basketball referee is alleged to be on the take. A star quarterback is allegedly mixed up in dog fighting. And baseball most hallowed record will soon be held by a cheater. But, there’s good news from the world of sports, courtesy of Olympic speed skating medalist Joey Cheek, who is challanging the Chinese government over it support to the genocidal regime in Sudan.

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Ignatius of Loyola

The Spiritual Exercises is one of the most influential spiritual texts of all times. Despite their Reformation origins they are nowadays used as a medium for spiritual guidance and retreats among an ecumenical spectrum of Christians.

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Starving our relationships

Here in an affluent area of a wealthy nation I sit and listen to people whose struggles to cover the cost of health insurance, child care, and retirement too often deplete the time and energy they need to relate to those they love. This is life, they tell themselves, and try to make the best of it. They are trapped in an ethic of individualism that leaves them alone and exhausted.

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