Day: August 4, 2007

Evangelicals unimpressed

When it comes to the Republican presidential campaign, some conservative Christian voters say they ain’t seen nothing yet. That is, none of the top-tier GOP candidates is addressing the issues that these Iowans care passionately about, and few exhibit the moral values they want to see in the leader of the free world.

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South Carolina re-elects Lawrence

The Very Rev. Mark Lawrence was re-elected as bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina August 4 at a special electing convention held at St. James Church on St. James Island, South Carolina. Lawrence was the only candidate in the election since no petitions to add other names to the slate were received by the July 11 deadline.

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How, and how not, to stop AIDS in Africa

“Helen Epstein’s book lays all this out in courageous and thought-provoking detail, describing the maddening complexity of the AIDS crisis in Africa, and the reprehensible and simplistic evasions of nearly everyone involved. It is not only a book that should be required reading for people concerned in the least with AIDS or with Africa; it is also compulsively readable.”

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Cruelty to animals linked to violence against humans?

A groundbreaking international conference, aimed at exploring the link between cruelty to animals and person-to-person violence, will attract leading academics to Oxford University’s Keble College on 18 September. The conference, the Relationship between Animal Abuse and Human Violence, will analyse this link and its potentially far-reaching implications for social and legal policy around the world.

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Vatican plays politics with Romero’s canonization

The campaign to make Archbishop Oscar Romero a Roman Catholic saint appears to be languishing, as Vatican officials privately debate whether Romero was a martyr for the faith or for the political left. Pope Benedict told reporters that “Romero as a person merits beatification,” but Vatican officials removed that quote in an official transcript, keeping only the pope’s general praise of the slain prelate as a “great witness to the faith.”

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In praise of camp counselors

As I have observed these camps over many years, I have developed a special appreciation for the cabin counselors. Living with a cabin of kids 24/7 for several months is not something everyone is called to do. I simply cannot comprehend how they maintain their energy, enthusiasm and patience. Counselors are the heart of camps. In virtuous cycle, the camps attract counselors who are committed to working with kids and staying on message – building up the body of Christ.

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Sensing scripture

Centuries ago, Ignatius of Loyola urged readers of scripture to participate in the life of Christ through a disciplined use of all the senses.

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