Day: August 13, 2007

Evangelizing Ethically

A world wide gathering of representatives of several Christian traditions in Toulouse, France, representing Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical and Pentecostal traditions met to develop

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Virginia schism leads to answered prayers

Bill Mehr writes: “When The Falls Church asked about room to temporarily worship at the Presbyterian Church down the street, they were told, “We were waiting for you to call.” St. Margaret’s rector told how they’d started Sunday services with four worshippers, two of which were clergy. Now they average more than 60. Now, the hymns are accompanied, with sublime grace and beauty, by one man playing a trumpet.”

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Two Brothers, Two Journeys, Same Christ

Two brothers, both Episcopal priests, symbolize the difficult choices and strong feelings that grow out of the current struggles in the Episcopal Church. They ministers just miles away from one another. They are deeply committed Christians and Anglicans. Yet Fr. Bill Murdoch of West Newbury, MA, is leaving the Episcopal Church, starting a congregation affiliated with the Anglican Church in Kenya and will be consecrated a missionary bishop of that communion. At the same time, his brother, Brian, serves a church in West Roxbury, also of the Diocese of Massachusetts, and is gay. They both hope that the struggle in the church does not become a division for their family.

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Remembering Jonathan Daniels

The violent death of Episcopal seminarian Jonathan Daniels’ was remembered Saturday by 200 people who braved in 103-degree heat to honor the white seminary student

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I object!

I’ve been a parish priest long enough that I’ve been through five General Conventions. I learned early on to dread them. Not so much because I had anything to do with them, or frankly in the beginning even paid attention to them. I feared them because of what my parishioners reactions were going to be to actions that General Convention had taken, and with which they disagreed.

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Right intentions

It is probable our hearts are right with God, and our intentions innocent and pious, if we set upon actions of religion or civil life with an affection proportionate to the quality of the work; that we act our temporal affairs with a desire no greater than our necessity;

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