Day: August 15, 2007

Chubu Diocese of Japan asks for help

The International Cooperation Committee of the Chubu Diocese of the Anglican/Episcopal Church in Japan is opposing proposed changes to the Japanese constitution and is asking for help from others to ask their governments to put pressure on the Japanese government.

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Evangelicals who see capital punishment as commanded by God

Governor Perry is a devout Christian, highlighting one key factor in Texas’ enthusiasm for the death penalty that many outsiders find puzzling — the support it gets from conservative evangelical churches.

This is in line with their emphasis on individuals taking responsibility for their own salvation, and they also find justification in scripture.

“A lot of evangelical Protestants not only believe that capital punishment is permissible but that it is demanded by God. And they see sanction for that in the Old Testament especially,” said Matthew Wilson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

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Rwandan bishop: satanic behavior of “whites as whites”

“Their behaviours do not conform to the religious conduct of the Anglican church because it is them that ordained homosexuals as bishops not Africans”. Bishop Rucahana said the Anglican Church in Rwanda will not be pushed into adopting the satanic behaviour of the “whites because they are whites”.

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Report on the low-key conference in Spain

At one of the first plenary sessions, the organizers announced (to much applause) that no official statements would come from the meeting. Instead, lots of time was scheduled for conversation, including meals, siestas, and “marketplace” encounters.

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St. Mary the Virgin

It is the moment of the annunciation which makes sense of all other moments. It is a moment which is truly in time, not out of time. It has a whole series of temporal consequences; the embryo begins to stir in the womb. But it is a moment in which eternity has really come, in which God is present and at work.

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A pilgrimage to Paradiso

Dante invites us to go on pilgrimage with him as an act of spiritual transformation. The concept is not foreign to our age. Last year, an estimated 70 million Hindus journeyed to the sacred Ganges River in India for spiritual cleansing; a record six million people visited Jerusalem’s Western, or Wailing, Wall; 150 million Christians are estimated to be “on the move” each year to one pilgrimage site or another.

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