Day: August 23, 2007

Who speaks for Africa?

The voice of the Global South apparenlty emanates not from Abuja, Nigeria, but from Fairfax, Virginia. The Church Times reports that Martyn Minns, not Peter Akinola is the principal author of the recent letter from the Church of Nigeria that bears Akinola’s name. The significance of this development lies less in the fact that Akinola has a ghostwriter than that what has long been portrayed as the authentic voice of African Anglicanism is, manifestly, not African.

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Bishop of El Salvador calls Anglicans to mutual aid

The Anglican Bishop of El Salvador has released a letter to the people of his province in light of the recent natural disasters of earthquake and hurricane in South and Central America. He calls on the people of his country and all the Anglican Provinces of the Americas to do what they can to help out in these difficult days.

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Eating our way to holiness

There’s a growing movement in the farming and grocery industry to consider the religious teachings on food when consumers are deciding what to purchase. This isn’t simply a matter of more farmers growing food according to kosher principles or more butchers becoming more sensitive to scriptural injunctions about how animals should be slaughtered. There’s also a focus on questions about …

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The Sandcastle Lady

When Daniel from Dover, Del. wanted a romantic way to propose to his love, Lily, he remembered his favorite childhood summer building sand castles. He googled “Sandcastle Lady” and found his teacher, Lynn McKeown. Together they created a plan: He and Lily would take a sunset walk to Market Beach, where Lynn promised to have built a castle to fulfill his dreams.

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Poured into God

Since Scripture says that God made everything for himself, there will be a time when He will cause everything to conform to its Maker and be in harmony with Him. In the meantime, we must make this our desire; that as God Himself willed that everything should be for Himself, so we, too, will that nothing, not even ourselves, may be or have been except for Him, that is according to his will, not ours.

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