Day: August 31, 2007

A living wage

For Labor Day weekend, a meditation on the spiritual importance of living wage legislation from Archdeacon Michael S. Kendall of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. And a brochure from the Episcopal Network for Economic Justice.

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Sugden on Revolution in Anglicanism

Chris Sugden, writing in a British evangelical publication recasts the struggles in the Anglican Communion by arguing that the present struggles in the Anglican Communion are a sign that the Anglicanism is beginning to return to its earlier evangelical expression and is attempting to recover its Reformation roots.

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Time is your friend

Labor Day weekend: our collective crash-landing to the “real world.” The prospect is enough to make many young parents shudder. “Summer’s been so relaxed,” they tell me. “The kids swim all day or go to camp. No school projects or practices or after-school programs to drive to. We eat outside, go for walks together. We have so much more time.” We don’t, of course.

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Early Celtic tradition

The most typical mark of the spirituality of the Celtic tradition apparent in Pelagius’ writings is his strong sense of the goodness of creation, in which the life of God can be glimpsed. Everywhere, he says, ‘narrow shafts of divine light pierce the veil that separates heaven from earth’.

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