Day: September 10, 2007

Alexander Crummell

Although Alexander Crummell and other black Episcopalians could do little to stop white church people in the South from regarding them as inferior, they organized an association (the Conference of Church Workers among Colored People) designed to lobby for recognition and respect in denominational affairs.

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Standing room only

It was standing room only for the students of Trinity Prepartory School of Winter Park, Florida, who put on their production of La Cage aux

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Getting curiouser in Central Africa

The province is in disarray after its latest synod, but it is hard to know whether this has more to do with differences over homosexuality, or simple personality conflicts, or a power grab by the Zimbabwean Church, which had enthusiastically backed the the government of Robert Mugabe.

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A House Divided

There is a report that the The Church of the Province of Central Africa has voted to dissolve. The Province contains the nations of Botswana,

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Baptisms, aisle 5

“What do I need to do to get my child baptized?” I’ve fielded this question, by phone, from people I have never met several times over the past year. The conversation has inevitably followed a somewhat vexing, but now familiar pattern: It begins with the caller pulling out the “I’m an Episcopalian” card.

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