Day: October 8, 2007

Relics by Gerard DiFalco

Solo Exhibition of Gerard Di Falco at DaVinci Art Alliance November 1-30 | 2007 | DaVinci Art Alliance One of Philadelphia’s most prolific, Episcopalian artists,

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Saints & Family

In the Anglican tradition, we commemorate saints and feasts on certain days in our calendar… However, saints (from the Latin sanctus, ‘holy’) eternally encourage us

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Rock on

Graham Nash says “the world is in such peril. Most religions are being taken over by people who want to kill their neighbors. I find

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For the Bible Tells Me So

Daniel Karslake has created a documentary telling the story of devout Christians who learn their child is gay and how that affected their belief that

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Halo as bait

Instead of a video game that shoots up a church, some evangelical churches are using a violent first person shooter video game in attempt to

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Are clerical collars dangerous?

A security consultant for the Church of England has recommended that clergy in that church change some long cherished ways of doing business, including giving up wearing the clerical collar, in the interest of safety.

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Reinventing ourselves: A spiritual look at New Orleans

By now most of us will have read all about what the Episcopal bishops said (or didn’t say) at the House of Bishops meeting in New Orleans. Some of us will be happy while others are disturbed. But what ever your reaction might be, there is one common denominator that I believe unites all sides of the argument: for better or worse, the church is reinventing itself. We may not like it. We may not admit it. But that is what is happening.

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