Day: October 17, 2007

Living in tension

This is where that place of painful tension is found: in the attempt to value unity and relationship while at the same time valuing and insisting on justice and dignity toward a marginalized people.

This tension is, I think, precisely the tension of the Gospel, the tension in which Jesus himself lived and from which he carried out his ministry. He refuses to abandon relationships for the sake of justice, nor does he abandon justice for the sake of relationship.

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James Alison on the Atonement

The Café’s video blog features a brief interview with Catholic priest James Alison this week. The conversation it has engendered is worth a look, particularly Donald Shell’s comments on Alison’s book about the Atonement, Raising Abel.

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The statute of limitations on “imminent”

Reuters has the latest “sky is falling/schism is imminent” article, this one pegged to the Diocese of Ottawa’s decision to ask its bishop to authorize a rite for blessing same-sex unions. The bishop has not yet decided how to respond, and if he authorizes a rite, it is unclear what the Church of Canada, or the Anglican Commuinion will do in response, but no journalist covering this story has been held accountable for erroneous predictions of imminent schism.

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At the Cathedral: Pop Music, Politics And Prayers for Peace

To kick off last night’s Pray for Peace concert, John Bryson Chane, Episcopal bishop of Washington and the evening’s emcee, quoted Nash: “No person has the right to take another person’s life in the name of God.” Churches and religions should be instruments of peace, not war, he said.

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The Family Album

It occurred to me that the Bible is like a family album. Images, stories, clippings, and mementos of encounters with a common story are gathered into its books. The Bible tells of encounters with the Holy and tries to make sense of Divine-Human relationships. The stories are saved to show future generations the way to live as a people of faith.

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Ignatius of Antioch

I am writing letters to all the churches, to assure them that I am dying for God of my own free will–that is, if you don’t interfere. Please, please don’t make a misguided attempt to do me a kindness. Let me be fodder for the wild beasts–that’s how I can come to God.

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