Day: October 24, 2007

The Church of Baseball

It’s claimed that Einstein once said “God does not play dice.” Yes, but does God follow the Rockies? Or do the Rockies perhaps prosper because of their beliefs?

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Calling all pastorpreneurs

Having put all of their eggs into the program-driven church basket you can understand Willow Creek’s shock when the research revealed that “Increasing levels of participation in these sets of activities does NOT predict whether someone’s becoming more of a disciple of Christ. It does NOT predict whether they love God more or they love people more.”

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Changing others, changing ourselves

When Christians are discussing homosexuality, the tone and attitude of the conversation changes dramatically if gays and lesbians are actually part of the group! The conversation among global western Christians changes dramatically when global southern Christians are present. It is probably the case that global western and global southern Christians are, for the most part, just learning how to have such graceful and truthful conversations together!

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