Day: November 2, 2007

Clarity vs. ambiguity

Since the release of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s letter to the Bishop of Central Florida, many have wondered if it is possible for the Anglican

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A house dividing?

Updated. Again This is convention season in the Episcopal Church, and most will be conducting the routine business of mission, but in Pittsburgh they will

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Religion: It just won’t go away

The Economist surveys the impact of religion and modern culture, and finds that modernism and religion are uneasy bedfellows. Many secular intellectuals think that the

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When a pet dies

To be honest, whether we’re talking about humans or animals, my spiritual inclination is to turn not to promises of heaven, but to the divine presence in the here and now. Still, although I’d petted Toto’s lifeless body, I was struggling to grasp how so much sheer terrier exuberance could just vanish.

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Australia: Women bishops OK; gay acceptance still a battle

Australia has cleared the way for women to become bishops, but even as some still cite that as a divisive decision, they now must press on to handle questions about sexuality. Last week, several people shared their stories with Anglican leaders in the country, but all remained anonymous.

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