Day: November 9, 2007

They’re coming back!

Earlier this week the Pope met with the King of Saudi Arabia. Their conversation included discussion about the treatment and tolerance of Christian people living in Saudia Arabia. The issue is one of increasing importance because it is thought that Christians will soon become the majority in at least one arabian state, and are increasingly present in Saudi Arabia as well.

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Homeless Veterans

We will remember Veterans Day this weekend on Sunday. There will most likely be prayers offered in thanksgiving for their service to their country in

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Four British bishops back Duncan

Four British bishops have written in support of Bishop Duncan of the Diocese of Pittsburgh and have taken the American Presiding Bishop to task for the tone of her recent letter to him. From the article, the Presiding Bishop’s letter is “‘aggressive, inappropriate, and unfortunate’. ‘They are acting as if it is the OK Corral. This is the North American culture: it is a managerial rather than a pastoral approach.”

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A Nigerian response to Akinola

Davis Mac-Iyalla, the director of Changing Attitude Nigeria, has published a response to the letter published earlier this week by the primate of his church, Archbishop Akinola. Changing Attitude rejects the reasoning put forth in the letter by Akinola as calls on the Church of Nigeria to honor its commitments to the Anglican Communion’s listening process.

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The stigma of AIDS in
the Global South

Both as a Christian believer and as a U.S. Episcopal priest, I want the church in the global North to hear voices like Fletcher Kaiya’s. Secular media’s simplistic reporting of the great church divide – North vs. South, liberal vs. orthodox, culture Christians vs. Biblically faithful Christians – misses the real anguish and struggle of Christian leaders like Fletcher coming to terms with AIDS.

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Christ loves childhood

One day when the disciples were asking among themselves as to who was of greatest importance in the kingdom of heaven, the evangelist recounts that Jesus “called a little child over and stood the child in their midst and said: ‘I assure you, unless you change and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of God.

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