Day: November 16, 2007

An emergent force for social-action

An opinion piece in USA Today by Tom Krattenmaker about the emergent church movement points out the increasing servant-ministry focus of the post-modern Christian communities spring up in and out of denominations. “There’s a growing buzz about the emerging movement, and depending on your point of view, its robust growth and rising influence are worthy of applause, scorn, or perhaps just puzzlement.”

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English bishops urged to model acceptance of gays

The Royal College of Psychiatrists in Britain has released a statement calling on the leadership of the Anglican Church in that country to model supportive actions toward its gay and lesbian members and clergy as a way of helping British parents build healthy relationship with their gay and lesbian children. The statement is a part of the Church of England’s participation in the Lambeth Listening Process.

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End of schism in sight?

Almost a thousand years ago, one of the longest lasting schisms in Christianity happened between the Eastern and Western branches of the Church. According to

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Anticipating Advent

It is mid-November. Halloween is past, and Veterans’ Day is just behind us. Down my street, my neighbor has illuminated his Christmas display. The seasonal banners are hanging from street lights all over town. “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” has already aired on TBS. It makes me feel extremely Grinchy.

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Queen Margaret of Scotland

The Norman Conquest of England could not fail to exercise a deep and lasting effect also on the northern kingdom, and it was the immediate cause of the introduction of English ideas and English civilization into Scotland. The flight to Scotland, after the battle of Hastings, of Edgar Atheling, heir of the Saxon Royal house, with his mother and his sisters Margaret and Christina, was followed at no great distant date by the marriage of Margaret to King Malcolm, as his second wife.

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