Day: November 19, 2007

Laity of Malawi make appeal to Archbishop of Canterbury

We, the Laity in the Diocese of Lake Malawi write to you in desperation to request your personal intervention in the impasse emanating from the controversy over the decision made by the Court of ConfIrmation to reject confirmation of a popularly elected Bishop-Elect over unsubstantiated allegations.

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Fine tuning the guest list?

The Telegraph published a report describing speculation that the Archbishop of Canterbury may fine tune his strategy of using the 2008 Lambeth conference to promote

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God must be weeping

Instead of facing problems such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, and global conflict, Archbishop Desmond Tutu told the BBC that the Church, particularly the Anglican Communion, is

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Growing Episcopal congregations, Part II

What direction, though, is the causation? Growth surely increases self esteem, sense of purpose and joy of the congregation. No doubt joy is attractive and causes growth. But can you choose joy? Can a congregation choose to be open to change, or is that a characteristic that’s in its DNA? All organizations face such questions. A course of action for growth may be clear to the leadership but it’s another thing to change the culture of the organization.

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