Day: November 24, 2007

Christian/Islamic dialog continues

Several weeks ago, 138 Muslim scholars, sent a lengthy letter entitled ‘A Common Word Between Us and You,’ to Pope Benedict and other Christian leaders. Last week, numerous American Christian scholars responded positively with a letter of their own. In these clips from Voice of America and National Public Radio, Episcopal Bishop John Bryson Chane and his friend Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, take the converstion further.

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The Onion strikes again

Panelists discuss the tragic lack of media access in Darfur and how we can help Darfurians realize how much we’re helping them.

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The Golden Compass

Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials, has had a troubled transition to the screen. The adaptation has managed to upset both Christians and atheists, the former because of the book’s anti-religious themes and the latter because those very themes have been watered down and virtually excised from the film, writes John Hiscock of the Telegraph.

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The discipline of thanksgiving

I know, Thanksgiving is supposed to be about thanking God: isn’t that the easy part sometimes? Thanking God seems to enlarge us, to remind us we’re blessed. Thanking our spouse, on the other hand, is another story. Lacking a special occasion — a clean garage, a perfect roast turkey, a gift — we often assume our appreciation is unnecessary, or obvious. Or worse, we keep score.

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The open gate to life

There must be no time lost in putting an end to this state of affairs. We must fall on our knees before the Master and implore Him with tears graciously to pardon us, and bring us back again into the honourable and virtuous way of brothers who love one another. For that is the gateway of righteousness, the open gate to life.

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