Day: December 8, 2007

The Chicago Consultation

Readers of the Café are going to be hearing a lot about The Chicago Consultation in the days ahead. The Consultation, held at Seabury-Western Seminary, Dec. 5 thru 7, was a meeting of some 50 Anglicans from around the world committed to advancing the full inclusion of gays and lesbains within the Communion and to resisting those who seek to split the Communion by setting one group of marginalized people against another.

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Faithful remnant

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori: The Episcopal Church will continue in the Diocese of San Joaquin, albeit with new leadership

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San Joaquin heads south

“An entire California diocese of the U.S. Episcopal Church voted to secede on Saturday in a historic split following years of disagreement over the church’s expanding support for gay and women’s rights.” In these words, Reuters misinterprets today’s vote in the Diocese of San Joaquin.

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Bishop Schofield explains it all

Bishop John David Schofield of the Diocese of San Joaquin has apparenlty been consulting the same lawyers as the Bush-Cheney administration and has received the same advice: the constitution allows you to claim whatever powers you desire. How else to explain the curious argument he presented to delegates at his convention today in urging them to vote to secede from the Episcopal Church?

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Religious freedom and ‘pious cruelty’

For much of its history, the United States has largely avoided the religious conflicts that have cost other nations countless lives. Our ability to escape such conflicts is grounded in the Constitution’s First Amendment, which requires government to maintain as neutral an attitude as possible toward religion, writes Ethan Fishman. Today, however, the Bush administration seeks to repudiate it.

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Apologies all around

“I would never denigrate any civilized response of anyone for harm he may have done or misbehavior he may have engaged in,” writes Gorman Beauchamp in The American Scholar. “But apologies offered by people to their contemporaries for actions taken long before any of them were born strike me as vacuous and more than a little exhibitionistic.”

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Vision and authenticity

Annabella Santos-Wisniewski stood on her favorite Boracay Island beach in her native Philippines and had a vision. Looking behind her into a forest of palm trees, she said, “I see something white like a jewel sparkling at night. It connects inside and out to the environment such that nature is inseparable from the whole.”

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The double Advent

When we call God ‘Father’, we are called to step out, as apprentice children, into a world of pain and darkness. We will find that darkness all around us; it will terrify us, precisely because it will remind us of the darkness inside our own selves. The temptation then is to switch off the news, to shut out the pain of the world, to create a painless world for ourselves.

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