Day: December 20, 2007

O Rex Gentium

O King of the nations and the Desire of them all, you are the Cornerstone who makes both one: Come and save the creatures whom you fashioned out of clay.

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Food around the world

Time Magazine is running a photo essay that shines a spotlight on affluence vs. hunger. In each photo, a family stands before a table spread with all its food for the week. Each family comes from a different country, and the essay illuminates the differences among the haves, the have-somes and the have nots.

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Star of the East

It’s practically the theme today, even though Epiphany is still a couple of weeks off, but the Associated Press’ weekly faith feature, Religion Today, just

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Church on the street

The Washington Post has video features now, and yesterday they featured the Rev. Deborah Little-Wyman, founder and missioner of Ecclesia Ministries and Common cathedral (sic)

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We three bishops

According to the Living Church: Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has appointed three bishops to “consult” with the Archbishop of Canterbury about extending an invitation

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The legend of the Magi

Feeds are abuzz with reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury dismissed the tale of the gifts of the Magi as being mere legend. “Three wise

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Katharine Jefferts Schori for President

In this age of gay bashing from all sides, it isn’t often we encounter a religious leader—or any leader—willing to bulldog for our rights, especially when faced with such a potentially high cost to herself and the institution she represents. What I wouldn’t give for such genuine representation in our elected officials…

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“The historic episcopate, locally adapted”

I am convinced that one of the things that current Anglican arguments are about is bishops. Granted, I think over all it’s about what it means to be Anglican; and within that, then, how we interpret Scripture … but, a critical event was the election of a bishop, and many of the subsequent actions and reactions have been either statements of, actions of, or ordinations of bishops.

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