Day: January 22, 2008

Election troubles in Diocese of Lake Malawi

At the meeting the laity insisted that the elections would not go ahead and that the synodically agreed Provincial Court was the correct procedure. The archdeacons were publicly asked why they had connived with Bishop Chama to support calls for a new election, to which their response was “we have been threated by Bishop Chama that if we do not agree we will lose our jobs”.

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Lambeth Conference hits youtube

Videos of the Lambeth 2008 opening press conference are now on youtube. The purpose of the Lambeth Conference 2008 is to enable the Bishops of the Anglican Communion to discern and share more deeply their Anglican identity, and to become even better equipped for their Christ-given task of being leaders in God’s mission.

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Lee also did not consent to Duncan inhibition

Bishop Peter Lee of Virginia has released a statement detailing the reasons that he did not consent to the inhibition of Bishop Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh. Bishop Lee explains that he feels this case is not, at the moment, the same situation as the one in the Diocese of San Joaquin.

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Support urged for Native American health care

The EPPN alert noted that Native American infant mortality is 150% greater for Indians than for Caucasian infants. Indigenous people are 650% more likely to die from tuberculosis and 318% more likely to die from diabetes compared with other groups.

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Bishop of Jerusalem meets with organizers of GAFCON

The Rev’d Canon Dr Chris Sugden responded by saying that this conference was not about homosexuality.

The Rev’d Canon Hosam replied by reminding Archbishop Akinola that he had referred to the split of the Anglican Communion in 2003.

Archbishop Akinola refrained from answering.

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Coming out of hiding
as a Christian

Martin Luther King was a lot of things to a lot of people, and at this late date his memory has been mythologized and sterilized and romanticized past all recognition. But he knew how to answer Jesus’ question—he knew what it meant to come out of hiding as a Christian. He knew what it meant to be sought. What are you looking for, Martin? I’m looking for justice.

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Defending the faith

Another early deacon with close ties to his bishop was Vincent of Saragossa, martyred on 22 January 304. Vincent was not only the eyes and ears of his bishop, but literally his mouth. Because Valerius stuttered badly, Vincent often preached for him.

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