Day: February 8, 2008

For the beauty of the Earth

The Episcopal Public Policy Network posted its Lenten Resource series online. The resources are arranged by week and available in a number of different formats and from a wide variety of theological, cultural and scientific sources.

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Bishop Wright on Heaven

Bishop NT Wright, of the Diocese of Durham is interviewed this week in Time Magazine on the topic of the Christian view of heaven. Wright

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God moves left

From today’s Guardian: America’s evangelical Christians are anti-gay, pro-gun, keen on capital punishment and obsessed with lower taxes. And, of course, they all vote Republican. At least, that’s what vicar Giles Fraser thought – until he went to meet them

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Reactions to Rowan on Sharia Law

There have been many articles and posts over the evening on Rowan Williams’ suggestion that some form of British accomadation for Muslim Sharia law was inevitable. We’ve tried to collect a number of those here.

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New draft of Covenant analyzed

A careful comparison of the new draft of the Covenant with the previous ones serves to highlight the changes that were made to in response to comments from around the Communion. The role of the Primate’s meeting is made less central and an explicit format for conflict resolution is now introduced.

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A Lenten discipline for word people

For the next 6 weeks or so I’ll be teaching a seminary course I call “Contemplative Writing.” This year’s run coincides almost exactly with the season of Lent. It teaches a discipline that can help us “word-people” – teachers, preachers, bloggers — to let our words take us beyond words, and center our lives more fully in God.

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What is the spiritual life?

The perennial question, centuries old and ever new, harries us: What is the spiritual life? How do we develop it? Is it real? Is it possible? Is it even desirable? Isn’t earth about earth and heaven time enough for heaven?

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