Day: February 12, 2008

From beyond the grave: Kant opposes Covenant

But should not a society of clergymen, for example an ecclesiastical synod … be entitled to commit itself by oath to a certain unalterable set of doctrines, in order to secure for a time a constant guardianship over each of its members…? I reply that this is quite impossible. … One age cannot enter into an alliance on oath to put the next age in a position where it would be impossible for it to extend and correct its knowledge…

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Archbishop of Canterbury appoints Windsor Continuation Group?

The Archbishop of Canterbury commented: “I am deeply grateful to thosewho have accepted the invitation to carry forward the important work in our Communion’s life that I indicated in my Advent Letter. This is a demanding assignment. I trust they can count on our prayers throughout the Communion as they bring their combined wisdom and attentiveness to the strengthening of our common life through the Windsor Process.”

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Clean up your computer

The report also reveals that some workers, who earn an average of $9.25 per day, were forced to stand during the whole of their twelve hour shifts and requests for chairs were denied. Even a six-month pregnant woman was forced to stand for the whole of a seven hour shift

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Galileo, Darwin and Lent

How strangely ironic that many in the Church should be blinded to the truth that these two gentlemen showed the world. For, in essence, both Galileo and Darwin were using science to claim that humankind is not at the center of everything. Our earth is not at the center of God’s creation, and our species is not at the center of God’s creation. Isn’t this what Lent is supposed to teach us?

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Our restless heart

So we are faced each day with the terrible temptation, the powerful pull of two forces: our need and enjoyment of goods that are of this world, and our need for the good that is not. We need both. For we cannot live by bread alone; we do not live without it either. How can we face that temptation?

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