Day: February 16, 2008

The Angriest Man in Television

Mark Bowden, one of the best narrative journalists at work today, offers an insightful profile of David Simon, the man behind The Wire, the best show on television.

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The dawn of the Evangelical Democrat

In Missouri and Tennessee, one-third of white evangelical voters voted in Democratic primaries. And, more surprising, in both states they favored Hillary over Obama by overwhelming margins: MO: 54% to 37%; TN: 78% to 12%. The survey also finds that a majority of evangelicals want an agenda that goes beyond abortion and homosexuality.

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Saving the world while staying at home

Allison Schrager writes: It is hard to deny that aid can do harm when given too enthusiastically to countries in need. However, putting the ever-sceptical economist in me aside, the fact remains that I do want to help people in Afghanistan. How can I do this effectively, and without offending my professional sensibilities?

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Peer review for creationists

Normally, peer review is a valuable step in the publication of scientific research. Academic journals solicit independent experts to assess the reliability of the work. But at Answers Research Journal, the goal is not to ensure that research meets academic standards of scientific inquiry, but rather to ensure that the scholar’s conclusions conform to a literal interpretation of the Bible.

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Prayers ascending?

Much of our religious language speaks of an “up there” – words that have now become an anachronism. Can the metaphor hold our religious imagination? I suppose that there is no need for location when it comes to God and prayer, but it helps my praying to think of a direction.

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Openness is not gentility in the social arena. It is not polite listening to people with whom we inherently disagree. It is not political or civil or “nice.” It is not even simple hospitality. It is the munificent abandonment of the mind to new ideas, to new possibilities.

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