Day: March 4, 2008

Reply from Nigeria

In response to various reports of the alleged role of Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria in the 2004 Yelwa massacre, Canon Akin Tunde Popoola has written

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Spirituality of skiing at 90

“There’s really something spiritual about skiing,” said Egelhoff, a retired Episcopal priest. “It’s hard to identify and hard to explain, but it’s a feeling of being with nature and, in a sense, being with God.”

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Doing church differently

Simon Barrow, one of the editors of Ekklesia writes on his discovery of a new book by James F. Hopewell, Congregation: Stories and Structures, available

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A rediscovery of love

During the first week of Lent, Café contributor Derek Olsen nearly died of a poisonous spider bite. Here he reflects on his brush with death.

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A skeptical world

We hear much of modern skepticism. There is, perhaps, no more in the world now than there has always been, only its forms have changed. Its answer lies not in argument, but in the lives of Christ’s followers.

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