Day: April 21, 2008

Hiltz asks Venables to please stay home

Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, has written to Presiding Bishop Gregory Venables, Primate of the Southern Cone, asking him to cancel a planned, unauthorized visit to Canada.

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Bishops of Ohio keep their promise

The Episcopal Bishops of Ohio have spoken with one voice in support of proposed legislation before the Ohio State Legislature that would protect the civil rights of homosexual persons in Ohio in housing and employment.

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Border procession

Christians on both sides of the border between Mexico and US processed along the border, detoured but undeterred by the presence of the expanded wall system growing along the US side, and sharing an agape meal.

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St. George and the dead soldier

A new painting of St. George by highly regarded artist Scott Norwood Witts, which depicts the saint as a man of compassion rather than a crusader, is to be unveiled at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. George, Southwark, to mark the saint’s day next week.

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Thoughts on the eve of Earth Day

Back home, as I put the shrimp (shrink-wrapped and farm-raised) along with the basil and fruit (each stuffed into an oversized plastic package) into my hefty side-by-side fridge (how much of an EnergyStar can it really be?), the whole effort seemed absurd. Can a few green bags really lighten my carbon footprint?

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A monastic scholar

In the year 1109, on the Wednesday in Holy Week, the Archbishop of Canterbury lay dying. His friends, knowing that they were at the death-bed of a saint, were ready to improve the occasion: ‘My lord and father,’ they said, ‘we cannot help knowing that you are going to leave the world to be at the Easter court of your king.’

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