Day: June 16, 2008

Will the real Diocese of Pittsburgh please stand up?

The Bishop of Pittsburgh, Robert Duncan, has registered a new nonprofit Pennsylvania corporation named “Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh,” apparently so that he can claim that he is the rightful leader of the diocese in the event that he is deposed by the House of Bishops.

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New York on the St. Andrew’s Draft

The General Convention deputation from the Diocese of New York looks closely at the St. Andrew’s Draft of a proposed Anglican Covenant and finds some improvement but in the end focuses on the the potential dissolution of the Communion it seeks to preserve.

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Misson Priorities

Episcopal Life Online reports that Executive Council, meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, proposed mission priorities for the 2010-2012 triennium.

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Love will be all

That which we more strictly call piety, or the love of God, and which is an essential part of a right temper, some may perhaps imagine no way connected with benevolence: yet surely they must be connected, if there be indeed in being an object infinitely good.

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Accepting our fallibility

Rather than self-sacrifice forming our ethic, rather than love binding us, we in the Episcopal Church and the broader Anglican Communion have formed ethic by argument, by besting one another, by being right rather than by loving. But it doesn’t matter whether the position one holds on the issue of Gene Robinson’s ordination and on homosexuality is technically and morally correct.

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