Day: July 4, 2008

Jesus for President

Grace Cathedral in San Francisco is one of the sites this summer of the “Jesus for President” tour. The event starts at Grace Friday next

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Episcopal youth gather

One of the least known, yet most exciting national programs in the Episcopal Church are the EYE gatherings. These every three year events bring young Episcopalians from around the country to meet, pray, study and have a great deal of fun. This year’s gathering is coming up next week, and it’s likely that folks are hitting the road this weekend so that they’ll be in San Antonio in time.

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Hooker on Romans 1

Most every Anglican knows that Richard Hooker was the founding theological visionary of Anglicanism. But many have not read his writings nor sought to apply his insights to the present controversies in the Communion. The Archbishop of Armagh luckily has risen to the task.

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The assumption of good faith

In his response to the GAFCON statement. Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury urges his readers to accept the good faith of bishops wo have begun attempting to colonize other churches. Given their track record, this is difficult to do.

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Independence and interdependence

The Feast of St. Benedict falls every year on the 11th of July, exactly a week after the 4th of July, our Independence Day. In some ways, one could make the case that these two commemorations stand for opposite values. Independence Day is about shaking off tyrannical authority, for self-determination, for freedom. St. Benedict, on the other hand, stresses the dependence of the monk on his community, and the rootedness to be found in one place until death.

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Faithful servants

The 4th of July has been celebrated in Philadelphia in the manner I expected. The military men . . . ran away with all the glory of the day. Scarcely a word was said of the solicitude and labors and fears and sorrows and sleepless nights of the men who projected, proposed, defended, and subscribed the Declaration of Independence.

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