Day: July 7, 2008

CofE will permit women as bishops

From The Times of London: The Church of England decided tonight to ordain women bishops with minimal concessions to protect opponents, despite the threat of a mass exodus of traditionalist clergy.

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Reactions to Obama’s faith-based initiative

Last Tuesday, presidential candidate Barack Obama attempted to reclaim the partnership between government and faith-based agencies, which he no doubt witnessed in his days as a community organizer, but six little words ignited an explosion he may not have anticipated.

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Aspinall warns Jensen

The Most Rev. Phillip Aspinall, Primate of the Australian Anglican Church, has warned the Archbishop of Sydney, Dr. Peter Jensen, that he risks a legal

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Enough is enough

Giles Frasier says in The Independent on Sunday that Archbishop Rowan Williams has been too compliant in the face of the Church’s conservatives and homophobes. The time has come to confront the extremists who would fight the battles of 17th century in the 21st.

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Shared yokes

If you have traveled around the world or even if you have read National Geographic from time to time, you know that there are two basic kinds of yokes that can be used to bear burdens: single ones and shared ones. The single ones are very efficient.

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