Day: July 25, 2008

Bishops blogging, July 25

Bishops are blogging again after a night of rest following a long day in London. ‘Indaba is working’ is one theme. I wonder if taking the walk/march has something to do with this? At church camp there is nothing quite like a long hike to bring the camp together. There is also the stage of community life where people begin to claim their own authority and rebel against the facilitators- often to good effect.

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Veteran journalist writes Rowan on press relations at Lambeth

“Widespread and credible accounts of journalists being turned away even from self-select events; barred from moments of the Church at her best, such as the Holy Eucharist; kept away from the Conference’s central meeting place by a fence; and told even where they are free to purchase meals make me feel shame on behalf of whatever advisers thought it wise to adopt these policies.”

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A view from inside

Suzie Whitmore, who is attending the Spouses events at Lambeth, wrote a reflection on what the juxtaposition of the march through London and the reception with the Queen might mean.

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Colbert “reports” on Lambeth

Stephen Colbert’s show on Comedy Central is one of those hard-to-characterize media entities that are becoming a major source of news and opinion for an entire generation of Americans. In last night’s episode Colbert interviews Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times about the Lambeth Conference.

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Live: repairing relationships

The Primate of Sudan assured five Episcopal bishops today that despite his call for the resignation of Bishop Gene Robinson, he wanted to continue his relationships with dioceses and parishes in the Episcopal Church.

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Meeting Gene Robinson

The Bishop of New Hampshire reports on his meeting with other bishops from around the Anglican Communion this past Wednesday evening. Bishops from six continents were in attendance, many having been personally invited by bishops from the Episcopal Church.

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Live, breaking: a Holy Office to call our own?

The Windsor Continuation Group has endorsed a strong centralizing agenda that elevates the role of the Primates Meeting, diminishes the influence of the Anglican Consultative Council, and endorses the establishment of an “Anglican Communion Faith and Order Commission.” The proposal, which is sure to face stiff resistance, is the strongest signal yet that this important body intends to recommend wide ranging changes in Communion governance.

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A good gripping story

It’s been hard – as both as a communicator whose salary is paid by people putting money in the plate week after week and as a person of faith – to put into words the conflicted-ness I feel about the “big” doings of the Church like General Convention and Lambeth and the “big” doings of sitting at the bedside of a dying loved one. Which is bigger? Which is more important? Which is of greater consequence? Which is the greater story to tell?

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The best of things

The sidelong glance of envy distorts our ability to see ourselves realistically, because there will always be people in every category who are better or worse than we are. James may not have gotten much individual attention, but he must have developed a healthy self-acceptance that enabled him to be a valuable part of the group.

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